3rd ESG Universe Forum

ESG: Join the Green and Social Revolution

19 June 2024


Effectively integrating Sustainability is an urgent business imperative. In a landscape characterized by new complex regulations, increased expectations and significant macroeconomic challenges, businesses, organizations, institutions and governments are challenged to balance between economic growth and the integration of sustainability in all their operations. Will they win the “bet”?

The 3rd ESG Universe Forum brings together ideas, views, practices from across the “ESG spectrum”, senior business executives, industry experts and regulators, providing market-leading solutions to the current challenges leaders of large and small to medium-sized businesses face. The conference will outline how companies can integrate Sustainability across an organization to drive meaningful change and demonstrate true business leadership.

“The 3rd ESG Universe Forum is a complete platform for cooperation and exchange of best practices in sustainable entrepreneurship”

The conference will present an extensive analysis of trends in the fields of Environment (E), Social Responsibility (S) and Governance (G), as well as important perspectives and practical tools for achieving sustainable outcomes, environmental excellence, and social justice and transparency.

Current situation and prospects:

At the conference, we will explore the current state of ESG in Greece and forecast its future prospects, with speakers from various sectors of industry, economics and politics.


Industries and “green” jobs:

We will take a look at the market sectors that define “green” growth and highlight “green” jobs that are opening up in the field of ESG.


Case studies and Examples:

Through real cases and examples of success, we will learn how the application of ESG principles can lead to innovative solutions and sustainable business practices.

Key highlights of the conference


  • CEOs & Board Members,
  • Chief / Sustainability Managers,
  • Corporate & Investment Affairs Managers,
  • Corporate Governance Managers,
  • Bank Executives and Asset Management Executives,
  • Investors.

Why should I attend?

  • Become an active member of a large community with ESG and Sustainability professionals from all industries.
  • Gain knowledge and a 360° view of what is shaping the sustainability business landscape in Greece and worldwide.
  • Familiarize yourself with best practices, trends, tools and services that can inspire and/or facilitate your company’s ESG transition.
  • Meet your next partners who can help your company realize your sustainability business plans.

The content of the conference will be useful for executives of the following Industries:

  • FMCGs
Come and explore together the future of sustainable development in Greece!

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