2nd ESG Universe Forum

Profit by Purpose
Powering a sustainable future

25 October 2023


As ESG, the acronym that “outlines” the environmental, social and corporate profile of every business and organization, turns each year from nice to must have, Smart Press’s ESG Universe Forum 2023 conference delves into this new trend.

As the Market, the Industry and the State increasingly recognize the importance of sustainable development, the forum aspires to act as a “catalyst” promoting positive changes, highlighting Greece’s commitment to responsible practices and its role in the global ESG landscape.

The ESG Universe Forum brings together all the protagonists and stakeholders operating around ESG, including government officials, industry leaders, investors, NGOs and academics, in order to explore and address key ESG challenges and opportunities in Greece. By presenting research findings, facilitating meaningful discussions, sharing best practices and promoting innovative solutions, the forum aims to create a shared vision of a sustainable future and achieve actionable results.


The ESG Forum 2023 in Greece aims to bring together stakeholders from various sectors to promote dialogue, exchange knowledge and promote sustainable development in the country. It provides a platform for highlighting best practices, exploring challenges and opportunities, and forming partnerships that will contribute to a more sustainable and resilient Greece.

Environmental focus:

Environmental sustainability is a key pillar of the ESG Universe Forum. Discussions will delve into various topics such as renewable energy sources, waste management, mitigating the climate crisis, sustainable tourism, and business efforts to protect ecosystems and contribute to global climate goals.

Social impact:

Recognizing the importance of social responsibility, the ESG Universe Forum will place special emphasis on social dimensions. Addressing social issues such as social justice, labor rights, gender equality, diversity, inclusion and community development, the forum will attempt to highlight all actions that promote a more inclusive and just society. Delegates will engage in dialogue to identify strategies in order to create positive social impact, promote responsible business practices and ensure the well-being of local communities.

Governance and ethical practices:

The ESG Universe Forum recognizes that strong governance and ethical practices are essential to building trust, maintaining transparency and promoting long-term sustainability. Discussions will focus on corporate governance, business ethics, anti-corruption measures, responsible investment and stakeholder engagement. By promoting strong governance frameworks and encouraging ethical behavior, the forum aims to strengthen Greece’s business environment, attract responsible investment and foster a culture of integrity.

Results and cooperation:

The ESG Forum encourages collaborative action and seeks to turn discussions into tangible results. By facilitating collaborations between participants, the forum aims to promote innovation and sustainable projects, as well as create a supportive ecosystem for ESG initiatives in Greece. Through the exchange of knowledge, resources and expertise, participants can collectively implement sustainable practices and contribute to Greece’s sustainable development agenda.

Institutional and market representatives participating in the conference will share information, highlight new challenges, present successful case studies and submit their opinions and proposals.


Keynote speeches by prominent government officials and market representatives regarding the importance of ESG practices in Greece with an exchange of views on the national sustainability agenda. Among the topics to be analyzed through speeches and panels, are the European Community CSRD directive, the benefits of implementing sustainability practices for small and medium enterprises and dealing with the risk of transitioning to an economic model with sustainability criteria.

Environmental Sustainability in Greece

  • Round table discussion on Greece’s environmental challenges and initiatives.
  • The agenda includes climate crisis mitigation, renewable energy, circular economy, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation.
  • Experts, policy makers and representatives of associated organizations will share best practices, discuss current projects and explore collaboration opportunities.

Social Responsibility and Development without Exclusions

  • Presentations and discussions on social issues and initiatives in Greece.
  • Topics include social equity, diversity and inclusion, community development, human rights, labor rights and social impact investing.
  • Case studies and success stories will be highlighted, focusing on how businesses and organizations contribute to social progress while promoting economic growth.

Governance and Transparency:

  • Round table discussion on corporate governance, accountability and transparency in Greece.
  • Topics include ethical business practices, anti-corruption measures, stakeholder engagement, board diversity and responsible investment.
  • Experts and corporate leaders will discuss the role of effective governance in building trust and long-term value for organizations.

Sustainable Financing and Investments

  • Presentations on sustainable financing and investment opportunities in Greece.
  • Discussion includes green bonds, impact investing, integrating ESG into investment strategies and financial innovation for sustainability.
  • Investors, financial institutions and experts will share ideas on how to mobilize capital for sustainable development and discuss the evolving landscape of sustainable finance.

Conclusions and future perspectives

  • Summary of key takeaways from the forum.
  • Closing remarks by the organizers, emphasizing the importance of continued cooperation and action for a sustainable future.
  • Preview future initiatives, partnerships and events promoting ESG practices in Greece.

Target Audience

This conference is for business executives, investors and those who wish to gain practical knowledge about the benefits of implementing sustainability and ESG practices in business.

The conference is organized by Smart Press